Friday, June 28, 2013

5 on Friday!

So excited to be linking up with Hello Happiness and others to share my take on 5 on Friday... 5 of my very favorite things this week!  Here we go!

1.)    New job! Yep, I am officially 4 days into my new J-O-B and it is going great!  Sooo much to learn, but I am so very excited to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best, and really grow my skills.  Oh, you might be wondering what my new gig is?  I officially took the position at the United Way, as a Quality First Director.  Not sure what that means?  In a nutshell, Quality First is Arizona’s quality improvement and rating system which uses a five star system to essentially grade early care and education programs.  The star rating that each program gets is used to let parents, and the community, know what level of quality that program is (by looking at ERS/CLASS scores).  Soooo awesome, and so important.  (Flashback to my post about finding Quality Childcare…how helpful would it be if every state had something like this?!)  I also get to spend about 20% of my time working in Professional Development, which is totally my ‘thing’!


2.)    Chalkboard Mason Jar Mugs.  Seri? I love Mason jar anything (if you saw my house, you would think I am crazy.) Pair that with chalkboards, and I am dying over here.  (My chalkboard obsession has taken over my house… seriously.  I painted our guest bathroom walls with dark gray chalkboard paint to people can potty and doodle…weird? Too much? I don’t care.) Annnyway, these are a must have for the summer.  I will take them!

3.)    Brickyard Buffalo Store.  Have you all heard of this?  OMG so great!  You can follow them on their instagram feed, or just go straight to their site—they feature great finds from (usually) somewhat smaller/unknown/etsy style shops with great deals!  Everything from handmade baby clothes/accessories to pillows to jewelry…check them out!  I am certain you will see something pretty unique that you cannot live without.


4.)    Prinst-gram.  Soooo I have been trying to figure out how I was going to take the 500+ instagram pictures from my phone, and print them into nice, non-morphed photos to keep (mostly because they chronicle some fun moments of Ledoux’s first year!) I found this website, and the prices are fairly cheap for quality photos.  You can get calendars, prints, etc. with your instagram photos.  Can’t wait to get mine in the mail!!!


5.)    Planning Ledoux’s first birthday! WHAT?! I don’t know where in the bloody hell the first year went, but it has almost passed us by. I am half sad, and have overjoyed that I actually lived through an entire first year! I did it! I lived! Seriously though, I got the invitations ordered, but haven’t done anything since.  In fact, I haven’t even addressed and sent them out.  I am so behind!  My priority this weekend is to actually invite people to her party, and then start to plan out the festivities.  The theme? Western.  With a name like Ledoux, what did you expect? J

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