Sunday, May 19, 2013

9 Month babydoll updates!

Wow!  Sorry for the lack in posting this week, we got rail roaded with a nasty stomach bug in this house!  I got really sick, and then Ledoux followed... but we are almost back in full force here... it really knocked us off our game this week!  Ledoux ended up at the doctor twice this week- once for being sick, and once for her 9 month well baby check!  I look forward to her well baby checks to see how much she has grown, so exciting! So, here we go...

Stats? Weight: 19 lbs, 12 oz (75%).  Height and Head: 92%.  Yep, she is growing!  When she went to her first baby well check, she was barely in the 50th % for all three categories! In the last month, Ledoux went from 6-9 month baby clothes to 12-18 month clothes.  We completely skipped the 9-12 month clothing all together.  She grew like a weed, and is hands down the tallest baby in her class- but not the oldest.  It is shocking to look at how big she has gotten in the last month...I was at Target last week (no shocker there!) and realized I no longer can shop in the little baby section.. because the sizes end at 9-12 months.  Tear.  Don't confuse my tear with baby fever though, because I am far away from wanting another (babies are no joke!)  My tear is more because I will miss buying adorable super small baby clothes. 
Sleeping like  :)

Sleeping?  No changes here, she sleeps like a little rock.  So thankful that I have a baby that sleeps so well through the night.  Her bedtime routine is the same today as it was 6 months ago (holy crap! 6 months ago! Time really is flying by!) and it still works like a charm. She is always in bed by 7pm, and wakes up around 5:45 am-6:15 am.  In a perfect world, I wish she would stay up a tad longer and sleep a tad later... but it is what it is!  Lee and I look at each other daily, and question whether we ever want another baby, because Ledoux has been sooo good to us.  The next one is sure to be a little terror!

Eating? She is serious about her food.  She doesn't get hungry, she gets h-angry. Ledoux has very little interest in bottles these days, and we are down to only 3-6 oz bottles per day... which is a huge difference from just a month ago, when she was sucking down 4 or 5 8 oz. bottles (or tall boys, as her dad called them!) I'm fine with this, because formula is expensive, so the less she wants, the more we can shop at babygap! :) When Ledoux gets hungry, she bangs as hard as she can on her high chair and lets out a high pitched squeal... kind of like a warning noise to Lee and I that if she doesn't get her food SOON, she will loose her shizz!  Ledoux would much rather eat 'real' food.  She eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday- usually a fruit/oatmeal mix in the morning, veggie for lunch, and a meat/veggie for dinner.  She also has snacks, everything from baby mum mums to rice puffs to yogurt.  When we go out to eat, we always order her a side of avocado, she loves it! 
More food mom!  I want more!

Health? So healthy!  No colds or illness here (knock on wood!) Clearly, my "knock on wood" statement didn't work, because after I originally typed this post, guess what?  Childcare called, and Ledoux was sick.  What timing! It is just a stomach bug, and I think she is almost over it (fingers crossed....) I hate when my baby doesn't feel good.  It just breaks a mama's heart.

Milestones? She now says mama and dada (dada was her first official word, darnit!)  She is also mobile... watch out world!  She crawls and pulls herself up onto everythingall. the. time.  I finally broke down and bought a baby corral for our downstairs living area/kitchen... I was so against them, because I hated the idea of restricting her to a small area, but after so many close calls of falling and putting random things in her mouth, I did it for her safety. (Not like it matters...she hates it and screams bloody murder when she is in it.)  So, since the baby corral didn't work out so well, she has free reign to crawl around the upstairs of our house, as it is all carpeted, and completely baby proof.  The only thing on that level is our master bedroom/loft, so it is open and totally safe.  We spend the majority of our time up there.  She has mastered the three toy crawl- one toy in each hand, and a third in her mouth, while she follows me around.  It is really funny, and reminds me of a little puppy dog.  Other milestones include picking up rice puffs and feeding herself, discovering her pointer finger (and pointing at everything!)and mimic-ing our every move.  LOVE!  Lastly, she took her first airplane ride (post here and here)

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

Likes? She has these little toy maracas that she loves- she loves to shake them, bang them against everything, etc.  She also really likes her munchkin feeders (here).  I can put whatever I am eating in it, and give it to her, and she feels like a big girl eating food that mommy and daddy eat.  She also loves her new big girl car seat!  Being able to face forward and see the world is so exciting to her.  Other loves include splashing (and making the biggest messes!) in the tub, blowing raspberries with her baby food (again, making huge messes), playing in the pool with daddy, and chasing the cat around the house. 
Still figuring out this swimming pool thing

Dislikes? She lacks patience... when she wants something, she wants it now.  Who does that remind you of? :)  She also hates when someone eats around her, and she doesn't get any of it to taste.  She hates being restrained- this is nothing new, as she has hated that since she was born... and has developed stranger danger too, especially old men with glasses.  So odd! 
Us, at our fave place, the Whole Foods bar.

Mommy and Daddy updates!  All is good!  We are all moved in to our new casa, and loving it!  Every morning, Ledoux and I sit by the windows and watch the lizards sunbathe (they are about 4 inches long and are pretty fun to watch!) We haven't seen any wild pigs, bobcats,  or coyotes yet, but we see footprints of them passing our driveway every maybe soon!  It is pretty fun living in the middle of 'nature', you never know what you might see!  Lee was welcomed by this (below) the other morning when he left for work... a trail of yellow flowers from a colony of ants who had made this path across our driveway into the wash.  Most of our free time is spent doing projects around the house, which seem never ending...welcome to owning a home I suppose!  Other than that, I have started the party planning for Ledoux's first birthday party (EEEEK!) which is t-minus 2 months, 3 weeks... so crazy!  I don't have a theme chosen yet, but my pinterest in blowing up with ideas!
A couple of our "Tucson" views at our casa

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