Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mommy's Day!

Short and sweet for today... Happy Mother's Day!

I cannot believe how much can change in a year... just last year, I was here, almost 28 weeks preggo with a sweet little baby that would turn my world upside down! Being a mommy is by far the hardest, best, difficult, most wonderful thing there is!  As I sit here writing this short little post, I have already had to pause three times to keep Ledoux from putting carpet in her mouth, distract her from the computer cord so she didn't chew on it, and rescue our cat's tail from her strong grip (and prevent her from getting nipped by a not so happy kitty!) And that is all in the last ten minutes, and its not even 8:00 am!  (For the record,it is now 8:36 am, and I still haven't been able to finish a paragraph!)  Another thing to add to my  "I am definitely a mom now" list!

Happy Mommy's day to My Mommy, Lee's Mommy, and all the moms I know... and all of the soon to be moms! What a ride it is!  With that being said, I have a sweet babe tugging at my leg, ready to get her play on!  Have a most fabulous day moms of the world! :)

Mom, stop blogging and get down here and play with me! It wouldn't be Mother's Day if I wasn't here!

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